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Brief Overview

Choosing the hair cutting shears that are perfect for you can be a complicated and difficult decision, with thousands of hair shears to choose from. In order to make your hair shear decision easier and less complex, there are three determining factors to consider when selecting your ideal hair cutting shears. These are:

  • Choosing a scissor blade type for your hair shears that will give you the performance you need, this includes taking into consideration edge type and material.

  • Selecting a scissor handle that is ergonomic and will provide maximum comfort in your preferred style of cutting.

  • Choosing a length or texture type and evaluating other features.

This educational and informative style booklet has been compiled and created by shear design expert Mark Wright. He has over 40 years experience in the hair and beauty industry. Using that knowledge and experience, combined with the latest technological and innovative advancements from the hair cutting and grooming scissor industry, Sensei Shears has created a comprehensive and complete guide to help you navigate your way through the over-saturated scissor market and find the perfect professional shears for you.

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