What are the best hairdressing scissors for beginners?


At SENSEI, we believe beginning hairdressers should focus on three factors in choosing their scissors.   First, the handle design should be healthy for the stylist. Awkward handles can cause repetitive strain injuries and shorten your budding career. A Crane or Rotating Crane handle has been proven to be the best design for the health of your hand.  

Second, get the edge design that will meet your performance needs. A convex blade will cut smoother, slide cut better, and last longer between sharpening than a bevelled edge. So we recommend you insist on a convex blade for your first shear. Thirdly, look at the overall quality of the shears you consider.  Your shear should open and close smoothly with consistent feel along the full length of opening. If you feel any roughness or bumps as you close them, there is something wrong. Steer clear of scissors with colored blades because steel is supposed to be silver and the colors are just a plating on the steel which when it comes off can effect the edge of the shear.

I know you want them to be pretty but this is a tool, not a toy. Go for proper silver blades and you will be better off. There is no such thing as a titanium shear, it is only a coating and if it were supposed to make the shear last longer there would be the titanium color not he edge, but there isn’t because it is just a plating that comes off when the edge is applied. Don’t get scammed by companies trying to pass of their shears as designer products worth more just because they say they are.  They say you need to spend $500 or more for a scissor to get a good one, and then they “help you” by letting you make payments.

If anyone wants to sell you a shear for more than $300 ask them to show you the Teflon lining in the pivots, and the ball bearings in the tension system. If those features are not there, you are paying too much.

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