How To Get The Most Out Of Your Haircutting Consultation

Sometimes it can be a lottery on what the client wants when they sit in the chair.

The hardest thing to do is to fully understand exactly what the client wants and expects for us, and trust me sometimes they think we are magicians!!

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How to Rescue a Matted Coat

What causes a matted coat?

Matting is something that primarily affects longer haired pooches with a specific kind of hair. Breeds such as Spaniels, Poodles and Bichon Frises are more commonly affected than other types. But a matted coat can happen to almost any dog in areas of high friction, such as where the harness or collar sits, armpits and legs.

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6 Signs Your Grooming Cutting Shears Need Sharpening

Sharp groomer’s shears are an essential tool of the trade–the high-quality kind may even last for as long as 20 years, if not more. This largely depends on maintenance, however, as the original edge will require professional sharpening annually.

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What Makes A Good Barber Shear?

For a busy barber, a good shear isn’t just the tool of the trade: it’s what transforms your cuts into well-crafted masterpieces that keep your clients returning time and time again. A good shear won’t just give you a clean cut each time, it will also spare your hands and shoulders the many aches and pains that come after long days of repetitive movements.

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Hairdressing Disasters: When Bangs Go Wrong

Hair can have a transformative effect on our confidence and personality. Unsurprisingly, a new style if the first thing a client considers when needing a fresh outlook on life. A subtle change is often the best starting point: a few layers for volume, gentle highlights for a summer vibe, a sultry ombré in the fall. However, there will always be those customers who are after something more dramatic.

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What are the best hairdressing scissors for beginners?

Repetitive strain injury is more common than you might think for barbers and stylists working all day with shears. Shears that force you to hold your elbow up, or which put unnatural pressure on the thumb tendon by forcing it to stretch, can result in conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome or tennis elbow. The type of shears that you choose can help to reduce the chances that you will suffer injury while cutting hair.
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Why does the quality of hair shears matter?

Your scissors are the primary tools of the haircutting craft. If they are made right, they perform with less effort and the results are more consistent. If they are poorly made, you have to push harder to close the blades each time and you have to chase the hair as it slips away, costing you time and effort. You also have to sharpen them much sooner costing you money and downtime. You can also be limited in terms of cutting options.
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What Makes Sensei Shears Different From Other Hair Shears

SENSEI is the only collection of scissors that have been designed by a team with expertise in Ergonomics and Metallurgy. Sensei is the only line where every model starts with an ergonomic design. No matter what SENSEI shear you buy, you are getting a healthy handle design.
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