How To Choose the Right Texturing Shears

There are many times in the process of haircutting when the objective is to either remove weight or control the weight distribution within the haircut. There are also many times when the goal is to add texture or reduce bluntness within the haircut. In both cases texture shears can be a big help.  

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The Difference Between Thinning and Texturizing Shears

How can you tell a thinning shear from a texturizing shear and what are the pluses and minuses of each. 

Given the fact that scissors are the most important haircutting tool, it is amazing how little info is taught about them at most beauty schools.  So, we thought it would be helpful to try to break it down for you. 

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How to Properly Sanitize Your Haircutting Shears

Cleaning and sanitation are both key aspects of the hairdressing and grooming industries. Whether you’re working on human clients or pampering their pets, bacteria transference between jobs can affect all who have contact with your tools. Because of this, you must take the necessary steps to remove these potentially harmful particles before your next appointment.

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How to Rescue a Matted Coat

What causes a matted coat?

Matting is something that primarily affects longer haired pooches with a specific kind of hair. Breeds such as Spaniels, Poodles and Bichon Frises are more commonly affected than other types. But a matted coat can happen to almost any dog in areas of high friction, such as where the harness or collar sits, armpits and legs.

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What Makes A Good Barber Shear?

For a busy barber, a good shear isn’t just the tool of the trade: it’s what transforms your cuts into well-crafted masterpieces that keep your clients returning time and time again. A good shear won’t just give you a clean cut each time, it will also spare your hands and shoulders the many aches and pains that come after long days of repetitive movements.

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Hairdressing Disasters: When Bangs Go Wrong

Hair can have a transformative effect on our confidence and personality. Unsurprisingly, a new style if the first thing a client considers when needing a fresh outlook on life. A subtle change is often the best starting point: a few layers for volume, gentle highlights for a summer vibe, a sultry ombré in the fall. However, there will always be those customers who are after something more dramatic.

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