The Best Metal for Hair Cutting Shears

Another question stylists are confronted with when trying to choose a hair shear, is what kind of metal should the shear should be made from? Shear makers talk about all different types of steel, and hairdressers really don’t know enough about the different alloys or blends of steel to make an informed choice. SENSEI will try to demystify this subject and give hairdressers some knowledge about the various steels used for scissors. First off, it is important to address why the steel even matters for scissors. Continue reading “The Best Metal for Hair Cutting Shears”

The Different Types of Haircutting Shears

Every successful hairdresser needs their own set of tools to do the job effectively. From varied sets of combs to an array of hair care and maintenance products, these items are all crucial to bringing together the perfect new look. However, if there’s one piece of equipment that stands out above the rest, it’s their professional haircutting shears. After all, these are the tools responsible for establishing the desired effect and shaping unique styles for each person who walks in your door. These are the different types of haircutting shears and how using them together can create the perfect result for your client. Continue reading “The Different Types of Haircutting Shears”

2 accessories every hair stylist needs

Here-are-a-few-hair-care-accessories-every-stylist-needs_16001125_40010606_0_14086848_500As a hair stylist, one of the most important aspects of your business will be owning the right accessories for your salon. While the beauty shears will be necessary to create the best possible looks for your clients, how you take care of them will also have an impact on the state of your business.

There are many different accessories that you will need for your salon in order to keep it running as smoothly as possible. The items that you might not even realize exist will be huge in determining how well you are able to work for your clients.

Here are a few accessories you should never be without:

  • Cases: You should buy individual cases for all of the different hair shears that you own. This will allow you to keep your supplies safe while they are not being used, and will also keep your salon clean and organized each day and night. You should be sure to put the shears in the cases after each cut, to ensure they stay protected and in good shape.
  • Lubricant: To take good care of your shears, you should lubricate them on a regular basis. This will help keep the shears in top shape and allow them to provide the best hair cutting results possible for your clients. Cleaning out your shears at the end of each shift is essential to their long term health.

If you are interested in purchasing new hair shears for your salon, be sure to shop with Sensei Shears today! Check out the rest of our website to learn more about all of the different high-quality products that we offer to our customers.