The Best Shears To Trim the Hair Between a Dog’s Pads

It is important to trim the hair that can grow between your dog’s paw pads. If it gets too long, it can collect a lot of dirt and debris during walks, and it can also make it slippery for the dog to walk on wood flooring. Trimming this hair should be done carefully to avoid cutting the dogs pads. It can be done with a small clipper, or if you prefer to use a shear, we recommend you use Blunt Nose curved dog grooming shears to further reduce the risk of cutting the pad.

Different Types of Pet Grooming Shears

When you work as a professional dog groomer, the tools you use are crucial to completing each job in a quality manner. Professional grooming shears are significantly different from hair cutting shears—if the shears a groomer uses aren’t specifically meant for coarse pet hair, then they may not be able to complete the job at all. As such, finding the models that work best on dogs’ thick undercoats can take a bit of research. These are the different types of pet grooming shears and what to look for when you’re purchasing these products for your tool kit.

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The Foundations of Hair Cutting: Part 1

The art of cutting hair requires a masterful fluidity between the stylist’s fingers and their tools. Quick and precise, every snip is intentional and carefully planned to create the desired effect. But there’s more to the hair cutting process than simply hacking away with a pair of shears. In fact, between the different tools involved in the trade and the multitude of techniques used to sculpt the final product, the cosmetology field is intricate and strategic. For this reason, those wishing to make a career as a hairstylist must first understand the basics of the craft before they can fully hone their skills.

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How To Choose Pet Grooming Shears

Over the course of your career as a professional dog groomer, you’re going to work with thousands of different clients, all with varying needs. Some of the pets you work on will have thick, coarse fur, while others might have a shorter and thinner coat. Either way, you’re expected to have the tools on-hand to deal with whatever type of job gets placed on your table. This is how to choose pet grooming shears to ensure you’re getting the most out of your purchase. Continue reading “How To Choose Pet Grooming Shears”

The Foundations of Hair Cutting: Part 2

When it comes to creating the all-around perfect hairstyle for each of your clients, there are several key theories for you to keep in mind. Whether it be tension, elevation, over-direction, or finger angle, each of these components is essential to leaving the hair with a certain look and a cleaner cut. However, the deep complexities of the haircutting artform don’t end there. In fact, there are several other things left to learn on the track to becoming a full-fledged hair stylist. Continue reading “The Foundations of Hair Cutting: Part 2”

Proper Maintenance of Hair Cutting Scissors

As professional hair stylists, the quality of our professional cutting shears is just as important as the physical capabilities of our hands. As such, regardless of how much effort you put into cutting a client’s hair, you’re likely to see less-than-desirable results if you don’t care for your scissors. Still, for those newer to the industry, performing the proper upkeep can be a bit daunting when you’re unsure about what the process involves. These are the steps for the proper maintenance of hair cutting scissors and how each component contributes to tool longevity and performance.

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Considerations When Choosing Hair Cutting Shears

No matter how well you care for your hair cutting shears, there will eventually come a time when you need to purchase new ones. For the hair-cutting professional, these tools are the lifeblood of what they do and are a direct extension of their hand when it comes to meeting a client’s expectations. As such, you don’t want to be stuck using an older, outdated set of shears when you should be using shears that are not only ergonomic but also created with the latest technology. There’s more to picking out a new set of shears than the shape of the blade and the look you’re trying to achieve. So, if you’re looking to obtain only the best new tools for your work and needs, make sure you remember these considerations for choosing hair cutting shears.

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The Different Types of Haircutting Shears

Every successful hairdresser needs their own set of tools to do the job effectively. From varied sets of combs to an array of hair care and maintenance products, these items are all crucial to bringing together the perfect new look. However, if there’s one piece of equipment that stands out above the rest, it’s their professional haircutting shears. After all, these are the tools responsible for establishing the desired effect and shaping unique styles for each person who walks in your door. These are the different types of haircutting shears and how using them together can create the perfect result for your client. Continue reading “The Different Types of Haircutting Shears”

What Handle Your Hair Cutting Shears Should Have

Every professional hairdresser knows that their comfort is essential to the quality and longevity of their career. Through thousands of clients, and a countless number of cuts, fluid hand motions are required to achieve the best possible results. Unfortunately, over time, these repeated movements can take their toll on a stylist’s hands, causing them to cramp up, swell, and even experience shooting pain through the carpel tunnel tendon. Because of this, ensuring the most comfortable fit is a crucial component of picking out their professional-grade hair cutting shears. Learn what handle your hair cutting shears should have so that you can put less strain on your hands and protect yourself. Continue reading “What Handle Your Hair Cutting Shears Should Have”

How to Properly Sanitize Your Haircutting Shears

Cleaning and sanitation are both key aspects of the hairdressing and grooming industries. Whether you’re working on human clients or pampering their pets, bacteria transference between jobs can affect all who have contact with your tools. Because of this, you must take the necessary steps to remove these potentially harmful particles before your next appointment.

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