Improve Your Cutting Experience

2 Week Risk Free Trial


  • Minimalizes hair shifting
  • Perfect for scissor over comb
  • Convex edge for extra control
  • Offset sculpted handle for comfort
  • Unparalleled precision performance
Click for your Risk Free Trial100% Money Back Guarantee

Why you need this Shear? You know that dry hair allows you to truly see areas that need extra length or density removed to achieve a desired style in the state it will be worn. The problem is that dry hair is 30% harder to cut! That’s why Sensei Shear Systems have used decades of blade technology to create the revolutionary Dry Evolution Shear.

But is it any good for wet cutting? YES YES YES … it provides an exceptional smooth cut on wet and dry hair making it a perfect versatile scissor to add to your kit.

How to get your risk free trial!

You’d be a fool to miss out on this opportunity to trial the Dry Evolution … here’s how it works.

  1. You pay a 25% refundable deposit
  2. We send you the DRY EVOLUTION SHEAR
  3. You try it in the comfort of your own salon
  4. If you love it, which we are confident you will, you pay the balance interest free over the next 6 months
  5. If for any reason you don’t love the shear simply return them within 14 days and your deposit will be refunded in full!

Because we are so confident you will love them!

Click for your Risk Free Trial100% Money Back Guarantee

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