Are Your Shears Tensioned Correctly?

3 Common Questions 

  • Why is it so important to get the tension right?

The tension on your shear controls how the blades interact with each other.  It can effect how your shear will cut and also how soon they will need to be re-sharpened.  Proper tension adjustment will help you get the best performance and maximum life out of your shears.

  • What if the tension is too tight?

The main worry for too much tension, is wear and tear on your hand.  You do not want to have to fight a lot of resistance opening and closing your shear.  This can increase the risk of repetitive strain injuries like tendonitis.

  • What if the tension is too loose?

Your shears can fold or bend the hair instead of cutting if the blades are too loose.  Also, if the blades are loose, you will get uneven wear on the interior blade surfaces which will cause your scissors to need sharpening sooner, and will make it difficult to re-sharpen them to make them feel like new.

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