Lefty Shears

Barber Shears for Sale

Barbers love SENSEI shears. If you are looking for barber shears for sale, SENSEI has what you need. Our DRY EVOLUTION shear is a favorite among barbers because it cuts so precisely in dry hair. The hair does not move on the blade, so shear over comb is faster. For barbers, thinning shears are a must have tool, and SENSEI takes thinning shears to an entirely new level with our Seamless Blending barber shears for sale. No more pulling and tugging on the hair as you cut. No more cutting marks at all. Just pure, natural-looking blending is what you get with these thinning/blending shears. Save time on adding texture too with our Point Cut Texture shears. These top shears for barbers give the look of the best point cutting you can possibly do, but you cut once across a section rather than many times into the section.