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Cure Cut Razor

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Razor cutting has never been more popular. The problem is razors can be damaging to hair. Normal razors strip and open the cuticle of the hair which can lead to split ends and dry hair. The answer is VIA’s new Cure Cut™ Razor. The ultrasonic vibration makes cutting dramatically smoother and it minimizes damage. The heated blade seals the cuticle as it cuts leaving hair healthy and vibrant. This razor is so innovative it offers the option to deliver a whole new salon service, the Therapy Cut! Hair cut with a typical razor leaves the cuticle open. This exposes the delicate inner layers of the hair to the drying effects of the environment. Dry hair or split ends are the result. The hair that is cut with the VIA Cure Cut™ Razor leaves the end sealed. This improves the health of the hair and eliminates split ends. You may even want to offer Therapy Cuts in your salon to clients with damaged hair. After two or three cuts, the client will really see a difference in the health of their hair.


110 volt power supply

Extra long cord for ease of use

Ultrasonic vibration

Heats to 300 degrees F.

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