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Efficiency Pairing SWIVL 2 Shear Deal (Right Handed)

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Deal ALSO Includes:

• 4-Shear Special Edition Brown Zipper Case

• Shear Maintenance Kit

• Scissor Station

• 2 for 1 Sharpening Coupon

$104.85 Value of Free Items!

Up to $294.80 in TOTAL SAVINGS!



Sensei Efficiency Pairings allow you to work efficiently through your haircuts.


The SWIVL series of shears are made with Sensei’s proprietary CryoTemp™ Japanese molybdenum alloy steel and include convex edges for a long lasting smooth cut. They also have Polymer Glide™ inlays in the pivots to eliminate metal to metal contact and keep them feeling like new for life.


The 6” length is ideal for all cutting techniques, both cutting in hand and for freeform techniques and shear over comb. The matching texture shears below pair with them to improve your efficiency and the quality of your results.


Our Point Cut Texture™ shears create the separation and natural movement in hair that used to require point cutting. Because the results are so perfect, you get better results and save tons of time in every cut.


Our Seamless Blenders™ give you complete control for removing weight and blending hair. They do it with no lines and with no drag so you get the job done better and faster.


MATERIAL: Molybdenum Alloy

HANDLE: Crane Rotating Thumb

TENSION: Revesible Leaf Spring

FINGER REST: Removable

LENGTHS: 5.25, 5.75, 6.25 and 7 inches

THUMB: Revolving Thumb



Cryogenically Tempered

Convex Edge

Polymer Glide

Cyro Tempering

Cryogenically Tempered Blades

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