3 haircutting techniques that require longer shears

If you are looking to buy new hair shears for your salon, you will first need to decide on what length to invest in. Different sized blades can be useful for a variety of hair styles and cuts, so you will need to choose which will work best in your salon.

There is a common misconception out there that the size of the blade should be determined by how big your hand is. That is simply not the case, however, because the truth is you should make your choice based on the variety of styling techniques you regularly employ.

Here are a few haircutting techniques that require longer shears:

  • Cutting on the skin: When you are cutting on the skin of a client, you want longer blades that will be able to give you greater control over your movements. This means trimming longer sections that will more easily give you and the client a clean appearance.
  • Scissor over comb: When you are using your shears to cut using a comb, the longer blade will be able to cut the locks cleanly without it falling out of the comb. This will allow you to cut a wider section in a shorter period of time.
  • Side cutting: When you try and do a side cut with shorter blades, you will find that your hand will move through the section you just took care of due to close proximity. With longer shears you won’t have to worry about doing this or having to comb out the hair time and again.
  • Trimming around the face: You don’t want your hands to be in a client’s face while you are cutting the hair in front. Longer blades will give you the space necessary to work without making the client uncomfortable.

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