3 tips for styling a bride’s hair

As a hairstylist, you will have all kinds of clients come to you looking for your expertise. But one of the trickiest kinds of client you will see is the bride-to-be, as they will be much more aware of what you are doing and know exactly how they would like to look for their big day.

Every moment and aspect of a wedding is crucial, which is why it can often be so high-pressure when you are dealing with the hair of a woman who is about to be married. You shouldn’t let this throw you off, however, as one bad haircut can sink your business’ word of mouth.

Here are a few tips for styling a bride:

  • Give yourself enough time: When you are scheduling an appointment with a bride, be sure to leave enough time before any following appointments. This will give you the breathing room to really create the look she is seeking.
  • Look for input: Whether from the bride herself or any friends that stop by, don’t be afraid to ask for any input or comments they might have. This will help to guide your trimming and other changes you make.
  • Speak up: While you will certainly want to defer to the bride for what she wants, don’t be afraid to offer up your own opinions. If her hair could use a little trimming or blending, for example, you should bring up your suggestions.

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