3 ways to improve the volume of a client’s hair

When a client comes into your salon with thin or fine hair, you will need to know how you can style it in order to have it look thicker and more full of life than it actually is. Being able to create great looks with subpar materials will help attract new clientele for your business.

As long as you follow a few simple guidelines, you will be able to help clients out that might be lacking a bit in the hair department. With nothing more than your talented hands and beauty shears, you can help reverse the look of thinning.

Here are some tips to help you out:

  • Avoid heavy products: While hair gels and creams might be fine for most people, they shouldn’t be used on those with thin hair. This can stunt the growth of the follicles even more, so you should instead opt for something light, such as a mousse or spray.
  • Be gentle: You don’t need to use a ton of heat when drying a client’s thin hair. Instead of a blow dryer, try using a towel instead.
  • Style with your fingers: If you want to style the hair without a damp comb or brush, you can always use your fingers. This is an effective way for you to add volume to the air, and it will give you greater control over the locks so you won’t put any unnecessary pressure on the follicles.

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