6 Ways You Should Be Looking After Your Hair Cutting Shears

A good pair of hair cutting shears is a real investment. Not only are shears the tools of the trade for a hairdresser or barber but they can also have an impact on customer experience and how satisfied everyone is with the results. If you’ve invested in a high quality pair of hair cutting shears,  how do you look after them?


  1. Store your shears correctly. Most hair cutting shears will come in a pouch and you should return them to the pouch to store after you’ve used them. This will keep the shears safe and protect them from potential damage.
  2. Clean and wash after use. Before you put your hair cutting shears away, make sure they are clean and dry before you put them away.
  3. Oil your shears regularly. Some professionals oil hair cutting shears at the end of every day, others at the end of every week. It’s a good idea to get into a routine when it comes to lubricating your shears so that they are well looked after and have enough time to absorb the lubricant before being used again. We recommend oiling them at the end of every day’s use.
  4. Don’t drop your shears. Avoid leaving shears laying around with blades open, put them somewhere safe when you put them down and keep them with you when you’re at work so no one else can drop them. If you do drop them then it’s a good idea to use a professional sharpening service for repairs so that the shears aren’t damaged further by someone attempting to sharpen them incorrectly.
  5. Sharpen your shears when they need it. It’s not recommended to over sharpen your shears but you should be able to tell when the need arises by looking at how the shears cut and how they feel while cutting.
  6. Use a trusted service to sharpen your shears Although your shears do need regular sharpening it’s not a good idea to trust just anyone to sharpen them. Poor and incorrect sharpening can damage a perfectly good pair of shears and lead to being forced into buying replacements over and over again. Make sure you use only the manufacturers recommended sharpening service.

All of these steps are key if you value your hair cutting shears and want to prolong their use as much as you can. To guarantee great results from sharpening that will help keep your shears performing beautifully for longer, a certified sharpening service like Sensei is an essential choice.