How To Add Texture to Long Hair

Adding texture to long hair helps to create movement and interest. Although texturizing long hair can be tricky, there are several ways to do it. You can use a DrySlide™ shear to add vertical layering to hair, cutting each hair to a unique length as you slide. These specialty shears allow you to do this without damaging the client’s hair. Slide cutting with a normal precision shear is possible, and stylists have done it for years, but there is a problem with doing that. Precision shears can cut straight lines only because they have an edge that is designed to grip the cuticle of the hair to keep it from pushing away. Dragging that kind of edge against the hair, as in slide cutting, will cause the shear to tear at the cuticle, damaging the client’s hair. So investing in a slide cutting shear will not only make slide cutting easier and more fun to do, but it will also protect the hair your clients are paying you to keep healthy. Deep point cutting using a longer bladed shear, like a 7”, can allow you to do this more easily than trying to use a shorter shear. A SENSEI Seamless Blender™ can be a great way to remove weight in thicker sections of long hair without creating volume. Finally, a SENSEI PointCut Texture™ shear can be used, instead of regular point cutting, to create natural-looking separation within the length of long hair. You will see the negative space, but you won’t be able to see the point of origin of the separation, which is ideal. You use these shears by cutting across the section one time versus cutting many times into the length like point cutting. You will find that the texture these create is natural looking and organic. The hair will grow out better too, leading to happier clients. Use these in the interior of the haircut to add tons of texture. After all, your goal in these interior sections is to eliminate bluntness and create movement, but the detail is not as important because these sections lay one atop the other, so the detail is not visible. Then you can save the labor-intensive point cutting for the fringe where it matters more. Texturizing long hair may seem overwhelming, but with ample practice, you will become an expert in no time!