The Benefits of Swivel Thumb Hairdressing Scissors

Many stylists find themselves wondering what kind of shears would be the healthiest over the long run for them to use. The answer, without a doubt, is Swivel Thumb hair cutting shears. SENSEI invented the Swivel Thumb shear in 1981. Our goal was to accomplish three major improvements in the stylist cutting position. First, a Rotating Thumb shear allows you to keep your hand more open. Because the thumb ring is positioned higher and more forward than a traditional shear, it keeps you from having to pull your thumb farther toward your palm. In essence, this design lets you keep your thumb in its neutral position. This is where there is no stress or stretching of the thumb tendon. Second, all SENSEI Swivel Thumb hair cutting shears have handles that angle downward in relation to the blades, which allows you to do your work with your elbow in a lower position. This saves stress on your neck and shoulder muscles. The rotating thumb design allows you to maintain full contact with the thumb hole without forcing the thumb into awkward angles. The thumb is allowed to find a comfortable position for every cutting angle. Third, the combination of the Swivel Thumb and the Crane Angled handle allows you to always keep your wrist straight. This further reduces any stretching of the tendons in your hand and minimizes the risk of various forms of tendonitis which hairdressers can be exposed to. Finally, some manufacturers offer what they call double swivel thumb shears. This is where there is a second ring which swivels in and out suspended inside the main thumb ring. SENSEI does not recommend this design because it defeats one of the main objectivesons of the Swivel Thumb concept. Double Swivel shears allow you to collapse your thumb inward toward your palm which means you are stretching the thumb tendon more. Also, they reduce your ability to maintain control of the angle of the thumb ring, which reduces your stability and requires more stress on the hand to control.