What to know about cutting dry hair

You should take a minute to think about your own techniques as a hairstylist — how often do you cut and style a client’s locks when they are completely dry? If you are like many in this industry, the answer to that question is probably not very often.

But the truth is, cutting the hair dry can offer you amazing benefits as a stylist and artist and help you create the best looks possible for those that walk in your doors. You will feel more connected to the hair, as you can feel every texture and see each movement.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while cutting dry hair:

  • Go round: “Some haircuts miss the mark of excellence because the final shape was cut too square,” stylist David Kinigson told website BehindTheChair. “Round is generally more flattering than square, adding fresh dimensionality to existing shapes.”
  • Prepare the hair: Just because you are cutting the locks dry doesn’t mean you should avoid a full wash and shampoo. In fact, freshly cleaned hair will make the cutting easier, even if it is fully dry later in the appointment.
  • Think soft: When you are preparing to cut the hair, you want to make sure that you don’t create a line that is too blunt or hard too quickly that you cannot undue. You want to make sure that the look you are creating is sophisticated and stylish, so starting off with looser or softer cuts will be more beneficial. Sensei DryCut shears will not cut blunt lines, so they can be perfect for keeping your dry cuts looking soft and natural.

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