What You Need To Consider When Choosing Your Hair Cutting Shears

When it comes to choosing new hair shears, the decision could be one of the most important you make. These are the tools of the trade for barbers and hair stylists – and why would you equip yourself with anything less than the best? If you’re about to buy brand new hair shears then make sure you’ve thought the decision through properly first.


The type of cutting edge will impact on your work

Perhaps 70% of hair shears have a beveled cutting edge with a distinctive angled edge. However, that’s not the only option. Convex shears (also known as Hamaguri shears, Japanese for Clam Shell) have blade that follows a curve from the back of the blade to the sharp edge, with no bevel to blunt the angle. Convex shears tend to be more expensive but they deliver a far smoother cut, better slide cutting and longer edge life.

If you have a specific technique in mind then you may need specific shears

One –length cutting, slide cutting, cutting along the skin – all of these different techniques will need a different set of shears in a different size or with different types of edges. So, before you start making decisions based on aesthetics or what everyone else has make sure you look for the right tools for the job. This is particularly important to factor into decisions about size, which shouldn’t be made purely on the size of your hands. For example, if your target technique is dry cutting, or scissor over comb, a 7-inch dry cutting shear could be the right choice.

It’s not just about the blades

The handles are another part of hair shears that can come in a number of different versions. All of them fall into three overall types. Opposing Grip shears that have handles that are equal length and finger holes directly opposed. Offset handles where the thumb handle is shorter and Crane handles where not only is the shear offset, but the handles angle downward in relation to the blades. These Crane handles allow you to work with the elbow lower and also work better for cutting on the skin.

Getting the perfect fit is key

Make sure the shear you buy comes with finger sizing rings so you can customize it to fit your hand.