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What do we mean by a toolkit? At SENSEI, we think a stylist will be more efficient and get better cutting results by using a collection of tools rather than trying to do everything with one scissor. Ideally all those scissors have the same basic handle design, so as you set one down and pick up another, your finger positions stay the same.

A shorter shear like a 5.5 inch model, is great for cutting hair palm to palm. You only need enough blade to reach your second knuckle. Most stylists learn on a shear like this and some never venture beyond that.

This ignores the idea that a longer blade for techniques where you are not holding the hair between your fingers, or when you are cutting over the top of your fingers makes sense. Scissor over comb is easier to do and requires fewer panels when it’s done with a longer blade. This is why most barbers use 6.5 or 7 inch scissors. Long blades are also good for cutting on the skin, cutting outlines, face framing and deep point cutting to name a few.

A blending shear is the best way to remove cutting lines and weight lines. It is also the way to remove weight within a cut without creating any volume or visible texture. SENSEI seamless blenders are the worlds best blending shears. They leave no cutting marks or lines in the hair, and they never tug or pull a the clients hair when you comb out with the blades closed.

SENSEI makes a variety of texture shears based on the same soft slide seamless technology as the blenders. The 14 tooth, 10 Tooth and Mixed Tooth texture shears all create versions of the look you get from point cutting. By that we mean you get visible separation or negative space within the section, but you do it without seeing the origin of the negative space. This is exactly what the best point cutting looks like.

For normal to fine hair density, we recommend the 14 tooth or the Mixed tooth shear. For thicker hair density we recommend the 10 tooth model. The 10 tooth is also great for doing the whole haircut by cutting each section 2 or three times to remove the length without any bluntness.

SENSEI also makes amazing slide cutting shears. The GSDRY allows you to slide cut in wet or dry hair without damaging the cuticle. Use it for all your motion cutting techniques where you move the blades against the hair. Do not buy this shear expecting it to be a precision shear. It will not cut straight lines.

Finally, in this promotion we also allow you to substitute the DRY EVOLUTION precision wet/dry shear instead of one of the longer GSC shears. This is so you can have the ideal dry cut shear as part of your toolkit.

Approaching cutting hair with a toolkit like this, will let you complete your haircuts in less time and with better results. It will also make all your scissors last longer because you will be spreading the work out over a variety of blades rather than doing everything with one shear. Especially adding the texture shears and using them instead of point cutting all the time will really save the blades on your other shears.

  • Cryo Tempering
  • Anatomic Thumb
  • Convex Edge
  • Japanese Steel
  • Molybdenum Alloy
  • Polymer Glide
  • Work Safe Crane Handle
  • Removable Rest