Crane Grip (CG) 15 Tooth Texture

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Natural Looking Affordable Texture

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The CG features a modern take on a classic, offset style, shear. This sculpted Comfort Crane offset is a great option for any groomer, looking for an ergonomic feel that isn’t too far off from a traditional grooming shear. 

The CG’s handle curves naturally with your fingers and allows your thumb to rest comfortably, reducing the distance you must elevate your elbow to maintain a proper cutting posture.

Made from Duralite™ stainless steel, the CG is available in sizes 5.5, 6, and 7 inches. This shear features a sculpted, permanent tang which gives added stability and control. The flat line tension system gives it a sleek, low profile, while maintaining the benefits of an external tension system. This shear is also offered as a Chunker shear (15 tooth) and thinning/blending shear (30 tooth).


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Models: CGT15

MATERIAL: Duralite™


HANDLE: Crane Grip


TENSION: Flat line


FINGER REST: permanent


LENGTHS: 6 inches


THUMB: fixed Thumb






Cryogenically Tempered


Convex Edge


  • Anatomic Thumb
  • Flat Line Tension
  • Convex Edge
  • Japanese Steel
  • Duralite Alloy
  • Permanent Finger Rest