Open - 40 tooth Thinner/Blender

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The OPEN 40 Tooth Thinner/Blender is shear is a classic but with a modern twist. It features our revolutionary OPEN neutral handle design. With this design we bring a whole new definition to “offset”. At Sensei we push the limits of traditional shear construction into the future. By expanding and opening up the handle of this shear it allows your hand to work in a natural relax position. Rather then arranging your hand to fit the shear handle. We arranged the handle to fit your hand. This revolutionary change in design comes with added benefits. By taking the thumb forward the travel distance to open and close the shear is reduced by 75%. By allowing the hand to work in a natural position it reduces muscle strain. Hand therapists around the world are recommending our neutral hand position shears and rotating shears because hand pain is no longer “just another part of the job”. The Open is part of SENSEI ManeStays™.

All shears come with FREE case.

Models: SOT40, SOLT4

MATERIAL: Molybdenum Alloy

HANDLE: Neutral Grip

TENSION: Leaf Spring

FINGER REST: Removable

LENGTH: 6 inches

THUMB: OPEN Neutral Thumb



Cryogenically Tempered

Convex Edge

Polymer Glide