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The RSSD6 is one of only a handful of shears that can slide cut in Dry Hair without damaging the cuticle. Soft point cutting is also one of the RSSD6 strongpoints. This doesn't replace your regular cutting shears, it is a whole new kind of tool that will make you wonder how you every lived without one. Everything about RSS is state of the art. The steel is the finest Japanese Molybdenum alloy in the world. We are the only company to ever cryogenically temper this grade of steel. You could stop there and make a case for these as the best. The tension is controlled by a ball bearing leaf spring system that will feel like new for years and years. Metal to metal wear in the pivot is eliminated by our Polymer Glide™ pivot glides. The rotating handle turns effortlessly assuring years and years of outrageous performance. The Wide contact thumb ring, cradles your thumb in comfort.

Note:This shear is not designed to cut straight precision lines, it will push hair when used in that way.

All shears come with FREE case.

Model No. RSSD6


MATERIAL: Japanese Molybdenum Alloy

HANDLE: Rotating crane handle

TENSION: Ball Bearing Leaf Spring

POLYMER PIVOT LINING: Eliminates metal to metal wear

FINGER REST: Removable

LENGTHS: 6.25 Inches

THUMB: Sculpted Wide Contact Comfort



Cryogenically Tempered

Convex Edge

Cyro Tempering

Cryogenically Tempered Blades

Stabilizes Blades for Long Life

Convex Edge

Smooth Cutting Long Lasting

Japanese Steel

SImply the best steel in the world

Molybdenum Alloy

This Proprietary Blend is Japan’s Finest

Polymer Glide

Eliminates metal to metal wear

Reduce Repetitive Strain by Cutting With Elbow Down

Use With or Without Rest

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