Sensei Certified Sharpeners/Distributors

The following dealers have been trained by SENSEI using our proprietary sharpening equipment. If you sharpen your shears with any of these dealers, the shear warranty will remain in force. Many other SENSEI dealers may also sharpen shears.We make no comment on their competence. These dealers however are trained by us and are therefore authorized to sharpen our shears.

SENSEI In house service center:

Precision Edge, Inc.
The Founding Company of SENSEI and VIA
132 East Fourth Street
Pittsburg, CA 94565

Certified Sharpening Dealers

Ketch Enterprises - Mark Ketch
North Carolina
George Smith
Hower Sharpening - Bruce Hower
S. California
Clifton Park Precision Sharpening - Jim Rocissano
New York
LB Sax Service-Arne and Gerhard
Design Professional AMBA - Mikael Meidahl
Sensei Scissors New York - Peter Torres
New York
Sensei Shears Systems of Louisville - Carl R. Smith

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