• Swivel Speed Cut 35 Tooth Thinning
  • Swivel Speed Cut 35 Tooth Thinning (open)

Swivel Speed Cut 35 Tooth Thinning

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SENSEI PRECISION SPEED CUT TEXTURE SHEAR create cuts that look like they grew into the shape. No blunt lines. Do full haircuts with this texture shear for natural cuts that look grown in, not just cut. Amazing for scissor over comb with no weight lines.


Cyro Tempering

Cryogenically Tempered Blades

Convex Edge

Smooth Cutting Long Lasting

Japanese Steel

SImply the best steel in the world

Cryogenically Tempered 440C Stainless

Reduce Repetitive Strain by Cutting With Elbow Down

Permanent Finger Rest

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