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"Sensei Dog Swivl Thinning/Blending Shear" (View Product in Review)

My Sensei 7537 Thinning/Blending shears, Blows away my blue breeze! The rotating handle is more comfortable and the longer blade speeds up my work. Not to mention the price is right!

Tesla Corkill - Quote from Dog Grooming Show

"The Bow" (View Product in Review)

Mark hooked me up with a 6 inch Bow last year and I absolutely love them. I can move in and out of the hair creating the softest texture, with out any of that (Bluntifacation). It's A very comfortable shear, I am considering a second pair in the 5in. For the money, the quality is Smokin. A highly recomended tool.

Brian Pohlman - Fort Worth, TX, USA

"My back thanks you." (View Product in Review)

I don't normally ever bother to write reviews for stuff on line, but this time I really felt I needed to. This shear has made such a difference in how I feel at the end of the day that it is way more than just a good shear. Cuts great too by the way.

Ann - Allentown, PA, USA

"The Best Shear I have ever used!" (View Product in Review)

I bought these at the New York show early this year. The Sensei Tao shear is like no other I have used in my 30+ year career. I bought it because of the durability, what other shear has a 5 year edge warranty? What surprised me was the smoothness of the cut and the light weight of the shear. Even though it feels very light, it cuts with the power of heavy shear. Like I said, nothing else compares and I have had several other shears in this price range.

Andy Horcroft - London, UK

"Revo" (View Product in Review)

I purchased these shears about 3 months ago now and they are the absolute best i have used yet They are the best investment i have made as a hairdresser Being left handed is a very tough challenge in this industry and not many high end manufactures make lefty shears Simply put this is beyond a steal for this amount of money I have tried other rotating shears and they all feel cheap and poorly designed These however are the most comfortable shears available Also the sharpness is unbelievable they will cut through the biggest section imaginable All said and done buy these.

Mike - Michigan

"Excellent" (View Product in Review)

Good lefty shears are hard to find. If you are fresh out of school with limited funds, these are very good quality for the price.

Jan Sanders - Lewisburg, TN, USA

"Sharpening Service" (View Product in Review)

Just wanted to say a big thank you to you for the repair of my scissors. They are back to like new again.
It's always nice to come to your stand at the show as everyone is so friendly and helpful.
Thanks again.

Suzanne - Salon International 2016, London, England, UK