Dry Evolution Precision Speedcut™ Thinning Shear



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Cut wider panels scissor over comb and get the job done quicker with our new Dry Evolution Speedcut™ Thinner. The stepped teeth of this shear will create minimal lines and give you a classic thinning shear finish.

This shear comes with a FREE case!


The Sensei Dry Cut Evolution™ Collection of hairdressing shears and barber cutting shears takes dry cutting to a whole new level of precision. It starts with a completely new edge design that allows you a much greater ability to cut dry hair without it moving on the blade. Hydrogen bonds are intact in dry hair making it 30% harder to cut which is why we have invented the PRECISION DRYCUT ultra precise blade design. This shear collection will cut through dry hair, but also will work through wet hair with extreme ease since its designed to manage a tougher job. You will experience a soft buttery cut when using this shear dry and enables you to take double the sections of density when using wet. This added precision, will grant you additional speed when working through each section and offers you a whole new level of control wet and most importantly - DRY. Made from Japanese Cobalt, Molybdenum & Vanadium alloys for a steel that is built to last throughout your career with minimal maintenance when it comes to sharpening services. The edge warranty we offer on the sharpness of the blade is sharpening and service once every 3 years. This collection like our other Sensei shears we stand behind gets a life time warranty on the inner workings of the shear and craftsman ship that goes into making each one. Our shears are all crafted with intension to last and finished with SENSEI CRYO™ Tempering so that the durability and the precision of this blade will last and last. The tension system also features ball bearings to stabilize the blades and enables a unique open and close by essentially rolling open so that the shear will have a longer life span. The handle is beautifully sculpted to feel like an extension of the hand from yourself to the client with a nice weight to the shear while also being well balanced. From blunt perimeter lines on stylish lobs & bobs, to quick and efficient mens cuts this shear offers you everything that any stylist or barber could hope for in a precision shear. This collection comes in two different blade lengths 6" and 7" in the fixed and rotating handles. Also to pair well we offer two different longer length SpeedCut specialty shears to make a perfect duo or trio in your set of tools. Let us decorate the world together using the right tools, one cut at a time.

Peace, Love & Sensei

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