6 PACK Sensei SG-520 Silicone Graphite Comb

6 PACK Sensei SG-520 Silicone Graphite Comb


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The most sophisticated computerized molds have been designed to eliminate all parting lines on the teeth and guarantee perfect symmetry between each tooth. The result is no snagging or dragging for the smoothest glide and maximum control demanded by top hairdressers. Only SENSEI offers revolutionary composition of Silicone Graphite™ resins for the sleekest, most perfect combs ever invented.

SSG520 – The reversible tooth pattern of the SSG520 provides maximum versatility. Use the wide space teeth for low-tension combing on thick, wavy or curly hair. For precision cutting techniques, apply tension and control using the fine teeth end of the comb. The separator-tooth on this comb speeds sectioning and allows the stylist to regulate the amount of hair in the section. It is also great for detangling and working with heavy hair.

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