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VIA By SENSEI SLIP DRYSLIDE™ is for any stylist who uses slide cutting and point sliding techniques regularly.

It gives you way more control over sliding techniques and it avoids the issue of damaging the cuticle of the hair, which is common when sliding with normal precision cutting shears. Also great for soft point-cut finishes on dry hair!

The rotating handle focuses on your health through ergonomics with its rotating thumb design. The thumb sits in the perfect position to maximize your ability to rotate without ever compressing the palm. Your whole body position is no longer dictated by your cutting line. In short, do everything with your hand open, your wrist straight, and your elbow down! 
- Made with Japanese steel combined with high quality Molybdenum alloys to maximize durability and strength.
- Polymer inlays in your pivot area allow for a smooth open & close while reducing metal to metal contact. Keeping your shear sharper longer & lengthening the life of the shear to avoid imbalance. 
NOTE: This shear WILL NOT cut a straight line, it is intended to allow the hair to slip on the blades for a true slide cut shear.



The shear comes with a FREE case!

Sensei was the first company to create and design a rotating thumb shear back in the 80s! This SWIVL collection is an ergonomic take on our timeless GSC collection of shears. As a pioneer in our industry, the SWIVL changed the way many shear companies today look at ergonomics. This collection puts the health of the user first. It takes stress off of your thumb by allowing fluid movements when making each cut. With this design you can also completely reduce the elevation of your elbow in many different cutting techniques to minimize the tension from wrist to neck. This shear maximizes ergonomic comforts for many artists in the hair and grooming industry. Made from Japanese Steel, we combine with a high quality Molybdenum alloy to create a shear that has maximum durability. A leaf spring tension system allows you a top knob to make any tension adjustments easily. The pivot area has a polymer inlay to avoid the metal to metal contact the shear makes when opening and closing. This makes the shear feel smooth and buttery when using and also will extend the life of the pivot area. The less metal to metal contact- the less wear on the metal slowly grinding away, eventually making the shear imbalanced. All points of this shear from tip to finger rest have been created with intention to last. We know you will love any shear in this collection based on our feedback from the professionals like yourself around the world. With our LIFE TIME WARRANTY on all the inner workings and parts of the shear you can take comfort in knowing your tools are backed by a company that created these shears with thoughtful intension and love of health through ergonomics. Share your skill with the world and create works of art with each and every cut using ergonomic tools. This collection is full of any shear you need to achieve every technique. Choose from our cutting shears available in a variety of blade lengths to seamless blenders, texture shears, thinning shears, and slide cutting shears. Everything you need to create a thoughtful toolkit to last your career!

Peace, Love, & Sensei.

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