3 ways to help a client change up their hairstyle

When a client comes into your salon looking to make a change to their hair, but they aren’t sure exactly what they want, it can be a frustrating experience. There are moments when a person just wants to try something new, even if they can’t put their finger on what that is. That is where you come in, to offer guidance and experience to create a look they will be pleased with. Changing up a hairstyle can be easy, as long as you know some of the best ways to offer up a new look.

Here are a few tips for playing around with a client’s hair:

  • Change the color: If a client has never tried dyeing their hair before, why not give it a shot now? For those who are really looking to shake things up with their look, a new color, even if it is not radically different, is a great way to embrace change.
  • Cut it: One of the best ways for a client to embrace a new hairstyle is to trim or cut off what they already have. Something like this can be radical though, especially for those people with longer locks. Just be sure that they are fully committed to this idea before you take out your scissors and get to work.
  • Embrace new textures: The right set of blending shears can help you create different and unique textures, from layers to waves. This can mix things up nicely for the client.

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