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Sensei Shear Systems started with the idea of making scissors healthier to use. In all aspects, from designing innovative products to working with customers new and old, we strive to focus on quality, performance and education. That’s exactly what we've been doing for nearly 40 years in the business.

As one of the first companies in the United States to offer high-quality scissors, we've become a leader in the industry, providing ergonomically designed hair cutting shears that perform in ways that other products simply can't.




At Sensei Shear Systems, you don't have to spend the most to get the best

Many of our customers wonder how we're able to provide prices that are lower than our competitors, especially considering the high-quality materials and designs that we offer. The answer is simple: Just as our Japanese shears are designed for a high level of performance, so is our business model.

At Sensei Shear Systems, we don't go through middlemen like all of our competitors. This eliminates markups and keeps prices low for our buyers. We run our own factories and that allows us to innovate with the help of top artists, to make tools no other company can match.




How we put technology and design first

When you're the expert in a certain field, you're often the go-to source for others who are looking to get it right, and that's certainly the case here at Sensei Shear Systems. We run the finest sharpening center in the world and have been hired by other major manufacturers to help them improve the edges on their shears. In addition, our blade design is typically ahead of the curve, offering unprecedented performance and results. For example, our newest Seamless Texture shears cut so smoothly, they leave no lines or notches - another industry first. They even comb out with no pull or drag. We have invented edges for Slide Cutting wet or dry, Soft Cutting on dry hair or Extra Precision on Wet and Dry Hair.

While we want to ensure that our models last a long time, we also care about our customers, too. This has led us to conduct extensive research on how we can reduce the number of stress positions hairdressers encounter during their daily duties. Our innovations like the Rotating Thumb Ring or the Crane Handle allow artists to work with their elbow lower and their wrist straighter. We introduced those ideas and many more to the industry years ago.




How we work to improve education

At Sensei Shear Systems, we want our customers to make educated decisions. That's why we continually add to and update the educational materials on our site. At SenseiShears.com, you can find definitive guides on purchasing new shears, shear sharpening informational pages and informative blog articles about our industry.



Increasing satisfaction with superior shipping policies

We're committed to offering customers great value, and that extends to other aspects of your purchase with us as well. We offer free 2-3 day priority shipping on orders of more than $50 to any U.S. continental address and provide a "lifetime warranty and return policy", so you'll never be stuck with a product that you don't love to use.




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How to contact Sensei Shear Systems today

Whether you're a beauty student, professional dog groomer, professional hair dresser or professional stylist, we guarantee that you'll love our products. Eager to learn more about how you can try out one of our great curved scissors, swivel shears or Seamless Texture for Hair or Seamless Grooming shears?

To contact Sensei Shears today, call our friendly, knowledgeable representatives at 800-736-7341 or email info@senseishears.com for more information. We are also attentive to our "Facebook" users and can answer any questions you may have through this channel as well.