Sensei Certified Sharpeners/Distributors

The following dealers have been trained by SENSEI using our proprietary sharpening equipment. If you sharpen your shears with any of these dealers, the shear warranty will remain in force. Many other SENSEI dealers may also sharpen shears but we make no comment on their competence. These dealers listed below however are trained by us and are therefore authorized to sharpen our shears.

SENSEI In house service center:

Precision Edge, Inc.
The Founding Company of SENSEI and VIA
132 East Fourth Street
Pittsburg, CA 94565


Shear Edge Hospitality - Rachel Noe Northern Florida 850-296-9197
The Shear Sheriff - Cortney Cunningham Houston Texas 832-385-9560
Ketch Enterprises - Mark Ketch North Carolina 828-712-1763
Oregon Edge - Fritz Wenrich Oregon 541-579-3066
George Smith Pennsylvania 814-657-1536
Hower Sharpening - Bruce Hower S. California 805-797-0223
Hower's Shear Service - Nick Hower S. California 951-595-5289
Precision Edge Denver - Russ Crimone Denver 800-722-5469
Clifton Park Precision Sharpening - Jim Rocissano New York 518-406-6028
Sensei of Louisville - Carl R. Smith Kentucky 502-552-7226
Your Shears - Steve Swope Wisconsin 715-703-3584
Sensei Netherlands - Arien and Mirjam Van Oord The Netherlands 0031111412514
Design Professional AMBA - Mikael Meidahl Denmark 458-624-9055
LB Sax Service - Arne and Gerhard Sweden 046 142526