A Quick Guide to Grooming Shear Care

Taking proper care of your grooming shears will help them to last for decades of professional use. Maintenance is simple, really. There are several tips to help you when undergoing grooming shear care. First, get in the habit of cleaning your tools off at the end of every day. Simply wipe the blades with a towel to remove any residue from the blades and make sure they are cleaned off. Then, apply a drop of clipper oil to the open pivot of the shear, and open and close them a couple of times with the blades pointed downward to help the oil flush out the area under the tension screw. Then, give the blades a final wipe to use the oil on the blades to further clean them off. Finally, check your tension. Holding the thumb side of the handle in one hand, lift the finger side until it is open 90 degrees. Let go of the finger side, and see if the blades close again. If they stay open, your tension is good. If they fall shut or most of the way shut, turn the screw to the right one click and try the tension again. Continue adjusting one click at a time until they stay open when you let go of the finger side. SENSEI shears are very well balanced and precisely made. You can keep them at proper tension, and they will still be very easy to open and close. Many groomers keep their shears too loose thinking it will make cutting easier, but in fact, you have to work harder to get a loose shear to cut, and doing so also makes them dull faster. By doing proper tension adjustment at the end of every workday, you leave them clean, lubricated, and properly adjusted overnight. Then you should be ready to get started the next day with a properly working tool. Our customers who are consistent about doing this go much longer between sharpening, and their shears last longer too. Grooming shear care is a sure-fire way to keep your tools in proper working order.