How A Shear Sharpening Service Can Help Maintain Your Hair Cutting Shears

Maintaining your hair cutting shears is crucial if you want to get the best performance from them, as well as extend their life. Using a shear sharpening service is an essential part of this, not just with respect to ensuring that your shears are sharp but also when it comes to dealing with any damage or problems that can arise.


How does a sharpening service help you maintain your hair cutting shears?

Ensuring precision cutting for longer. Sharpening is an essential pair of hair cutting shears maintenance, as important to long life of the shears as regularly oiling or cleaning them. Scheduling regular sharpening for your shears with a certified sharpening service will ensure that your shears are never the cause of bad results or a difficult cut.

Correcting nicks and damage to the blades. A sharpening service does much more than just making blades precision-sharp again – it’s also a great way to get repairs to your hair cutting shears if they are bent or have nicks in the blade.

Ensuring professional results. If you had teeth problems or wanted to get your car repaired, you’d go to a professional dentist or repairs workshop – not a “man with a van.” The same is true when it comes to shear sharpening. A certified service like Sensei ensures that you get a great finish and you won’t invalidate the warranty on your shears by using someone with no training or qualifications.

Avoiding the damage of incorrect sharpening. When sharpening is done badly it can have truly disastrous results. There are too many stories of using an untrained and inexperienced sharpener who has ruined a pair of hair cutting shears. When you use an experienced sharpening service then you can expect:

  • The perfect edge. Experienced sharpeners use just the right abrasive so that you get the right edge, as opposed to an over worked edge that cuts well but only for a short period of time.
  • A well-managed sharpening process. With an inexperienced sharpener there is a lot that can go wrong – for example you will end up with shears that become duller with each sharpening because excess heat has been used and there isn’t a constant flow of lubrication being used during the process.
  • Ideal blade adjustment. Not too much pressure (which will shorten blade life) or too little (which will cause the shear to pull hair), but just right.
  • Avoiding blade damage. If shears are sharpened incorrectly then this may alter the blade surface, something that is almost impossible to correct.

For a great sharpening result, as well as to avoid sharpening damage, an experienced and certified shears sharpening service like Sensei is essential.