How to keep a client’s hair healthy this winter

The United States is currently experiencing a brutal cold snap, with many parts of the country dealing with the impact of subzero temperatures. Nowhere will this become more apparent than with the clients that walk into your salon, many of whom will have hair that reflects the current outdoor conditions. Winter takes a heavy toll on our hair with dry winds, something that is not helped by freezing cold temperatures. The best thing you can do for your client is be armed with the knowledge to reverse the impact.

Here are a few tips to keep your clients’ hair healthy all winter long:hair health

  • Avoid heat: If your client has a wash with their haircut, you should use as little heat as possible while drying the locks. That is because tools like blow dryers and straighteners can suck the moisture right out of the hair, something you obviously want to avoid in these dry conditions.
  • Keep it trimmed: Recommend that your client returns about every six weeks to have their hair trimmed. That way you can get rid of the dead locks and allow the healthy follicles to grow in.
  • Use a deep conditioner: Before you do anything else, you should wash a client’s hair with a deep conditioner. This will help to get rid of any dryness of flakiness that they are experiencing with their scalp. You will see the best results with products that contain natural oils.

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