What Is A Point Cut Texturizing Shear?

Traditional thinning and blending shears have a tendency to remove texture as they cut. For more textured haircuts like layers and pixie cuts, we recommend using a texture shear like our 14 Tooth PointCut™ texture shear.

The way texture is formed by the negative space and or disconnection between groupings of hair which causes those groups to fall together. Means our texture shears utilize the wider spacing intervals to create more texture in the hair and protect the texture that’s already there. Whereas traditional thinning shears are built to reduce that disconnection and negative space, which our, more modern Seamless Blending™ shears can create very well.
Also for many stylists its always been hard to balance and manage the weight of a textured haircut without losing some of the texture they just spent their time working to create. Often the only way to balance the weight in a haircut and maintaining texture in the hair is to use point cutting to remove the weight without excessive blending. Our point cut texture shears do exactly that and are meant to replace and do this process in a much quicker and easier way. Allowing you to work with all the same techniques you would with a thinning shear without the blending effect caused by smaller teeth.
Other brands make texture shears, which can often be too aggressive making harsh castle walls in the hair. SENSEI PointCut™ texture shears uses our unique SoftSlide™ technology to leave a seamless texture effect making it much more like point cutting.
A point cut texture shear is the perfect accompaniment to any toolkit and really highlights why as a company we believe so strongly in having a range of tools that allows you to always have the right option for any hair type or style. Therefore, by having a point cut texture shear paired with a 23 tooth blending shear in your kit it will always allow you to have the right shear whether the hair is fine or coarse, dense or thinning or if the cut your going for is textured or blended.