What Makes Sensei Shears Different From Other Hair Shears

SENSEI is the only collection of scissors that have been designed by a team with expertise in Ergonomics and Metallurgy. Sensei is the only line where every model starts with an ergonomic design. No matter what SENSEI shear you buy, you are getting a healthy handle design.

SENSEI is also the only company in the USA that actually designs all our own scissors and owns all our production. That is why our designs are so innovative, because we control every aspect of the design. That is also why our prices between ⅓ and ½ the price of any competitive shear from any other manufacturer. We eliminated the middle men cutting our cost in half! So with SENSEI, you feel better every day you are cutting. You can get your work done faster because our specialty shears automate many techniques to save time. Your clients will love their hair more too because our specialty tools give results that are more consistent than those achieved by time consuming hand work. Finally, you get all those benefits at a price you can afford.