When to use the different types of hair cutting shears

When it comes to choosing your hair cutting shears, the most important component is what you’re going to be using the shears for. The various techniques that are used to create the perfect cut often require a different blade length or texture. So, what technique needs what shear?


Thinning/Blending/ Texture

The best hair cutting shears for thinning and texture are those that have teeth running along the shear blades. Although cheaper options can sometimes pull at hair, if you find the right pair of thinning and texture shears then you’ll be able to achieve the desired affect without damaging hair. The right shears for this technique have a subtle effect, creating texture and volume which is not necessarily visible but which blends in as part of the overall cut. Choose smaller teeth for thinning and larger for texture.

Cutting on the skin /shear over comb

The best pair of shears to enable the most efficient technique when it comes to cutting on the skin – or with shears over a comb – is the rotating thumb handle shear. This type of hair cutting shear enables you to do virtually anything, technique-wise, without raising your elbow to achieve it.  It’s also a great option for detail point cutting.

Different length types

If possible, it’s always a good idea to have different lengths of hair cutting shears as these will give you more versatility when it comes to the length of the cut. For example, if you are cutting to a bob length then hair cutting shears with a longer blade will have the most impact. This is because those longer blades create a cleaner cut as less cuts are required to connect right along the bob line. Longer blades also come in useful if you’re cutting shorter hair right around the face. The advantage of longer blades with this length of hair is that you’ll be able to cut with your hands further from the client’s face, giving you more room to see and creating a better client experience.

Dry/ Dryslide

If your technique includes fine tuning a cut at the end with dry slide then you should consider investing in a pair of dry slide cutting shears. The design of the blades on these shears will enable you to cut dry hair without damaging the cuticle. The faster you close the shears, the more hair you remove with each cut.

These are just a few different techniques that show how certain hair cutting shears are more appropriate for the different specific cuts. So, it’s important when performing a haircut to consider the shear that will help you perform the technique needed for the specific style.