Why does the quality of hair shears matter?

Your scissors are the primary tools of the haircutting craft. If they are made right, they perform with less effort and the results are more consistent. If they are poorly made, you have to push harder to close the blades each time and you have to chase the hair as it slips away, costing you time and effort. You also have to sharpen them much sooner costing you money and downtime. You can also be limited in terms of cutting options.

For example, a well-made Japanese shear can slide cut very nicely whereas a poorly made shear will pull and tear at the client’s hair, making that technique impossible. Poor quality texture shears hang up when you close them, pull at your client’s hair and leave unnatural looking notches or cutting marks in the hair. SENSEI texture shears can give you the look of point cutting or completely natural looking blending effects all without any drag on the client’s hair. It’s just not fun to work all day with tools that fight you and make your work harder. Quality tools can make the day fly by and give your results that keep your client base growing. Does a quality shear have to cost a lot? Not if the company selling it is not paying too much in the first place and if they actually want to make it affordable for stylists. Don’t get suckered into payment plans for overpriced scissors.