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At Sensei Shear Systems, we know how difficult it can be in today's marketplace to find just the right texture, thinning or blending shears, ones that not only fit your budget, but also carry benefits in terms of comfort and usability.

That's why we've made it our effort to re-engineer professional haircutting shears with our strong background in metallurgy and ergonomics and years of industry experience. Our texture shears, thinning and blending shears allow today's professionals to cut more smoothly, and eliminate common issues.

Customers will find that our newest Japanese hair shears reduce dragging on the hair, tugging on the hair and don't leave any lines or notches behind. Still, while you may know that Sensei Shears is the place to purchase high-quality shears at a great value, you may be curious about which type of shear is best for your professional needs.

The difference between texture shears and thinning shears While texture and thinning shears look similar in design, they each provide different results. Thinning shears are meant to remove excess weight from hair and use smaller teeth to achieve this goal. Rather than creating any volume or layering, the 30 to 45 teeth in these shears are designed to blend away scissor marks and soften the look of the cut. The newest models will only have 20 to 27 teeth. They are much smoother because the hair is allowed to move as it is cut and the hairs are all cut at different lengths, giving the effect of many more teeth and leaving no line behind.

Texture shears (sometimes called texturizing shears), by comparison, have wider teeth and feature more space between the teeth. These shears cut a more substantial piece of the hair than blending shears, but create added volume and texture through layering. After making a cut with these shears, the shorter hairs will lay underneath to support the longer hair. The newest Sensei models use the same moving hair principle as their new blending shears. This means the cut is incredibly smooth, with no drag after the cut. The effect looks like point cutting without the effort.

Different types of texture shears At Sensei Shear Systems, we offer texture shears in three great handle designs. Depending on your preference and specific needs (you may need right-handed or left-handed hair cutting shears), each can provide you with a long-lasting tool to create great-looking haircuts.

  • Crane handle - Our crane-handled texture shears allow hairdressers to assume a more relaxed position while creating natural-looking cuts.
  • Opposing handle - A good choice if you want to reverse the shear to cut with the teeth down or up.
  • Revolving thumb - These ergonomic models feature a rotating thumb handle that allows hairdressers to rotate their thumb while maintaining their grip. This design also allows users to cut on the top of the head or anywhere, with their elbow down. This handle also makes reversing the direction of the teeth easy.
  • Need help finding the right texture shear, thinning shear or blending shear? Look to Sensei Shear Systems At Sensei Shear Systems, we strive to put our customers first during the sales process. By calling one of our friendly representatives at 1-800-736-7341 or emailing, you can start enjoying the best hair cutting shears today.
Once the process starts, we assist with:
  • 1. Making your selection: We work with customers to determine the specific shear that will best meet their needs.
  • 2. Narrowing your options: For texture and thinning shears, we can explain the differences in the cut of the shear to help you get the effects you're looking for.
  • 3. Achieving a desired fit: If you're unsatisfied with the shear we've helped you select or the specific type of shear you've ordered, we will be happy to exchange them for one you will love. We know what questions to ask to find the right alternative.

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