Welcome Aveda Students

We want to let you know how excited we are to be joining you on this journey into the hairdressing industry. Below is a video with a quick unboxing and description for the tools in your kit we produce. We are going to leave teaching you how to use them to the profesionals i.e. your wonderful instructors. However if your looking for information how to best take care of your shears you can find that HERE or if your looking for information about getting your shears sharpened you can find that information HERE.

Your kit from US contains:

  • A 5.5 inch cutting shear
  • Either a 6 or 7 inch cutting shear depending on your industry.
  • A 30 Tooth thinning shear with W Teeth for added blending.
  • A Metal Handle Styling Razor with a total of 11 Disposable Guarded blades
  • A 6 pack of combs with the following models:
  1. Fine Tooth Tail Comb
  2. Wide tooth Tail Comb
  3. Low Tension cutting comb
  4. Reversible Cutting Comb
  5. Extra Long Cutting Comb
  6. Wide Styling and Detangling Comb
  • A green "Pocket Sprayer" spray bottle
  • A larger "Continuous Mist" spray bottle.

We are proud to say your school has provided you with professional tools which you will use to get your license but also through the start of your career. If you need any help learning how to take care of them feel free to check out our page on maintenance our contact us for support.