3 ways to tame a client’s unruly hair

As a hairstylist, you will see people with all different kinds of hair come into your salon. Whether it is thin and needs some work or is thick and full of life, you will need to know how to cut and style each lock until the client is satisfied.

So the next time somebody comes into your salon with hair that is entirely out of control, you will need to keep a few pieces of information in mind in order to get them looking their absolute best. As long as you follow a few simple guidelines, that won’t be a problem!

Here are some tips to help you out:

  • Coarse hair: You will need top-of-the-line hair shears for coarse hair, as keeping the locks short on the sides will allow you, as well as the client, to be able to more easily style their rough hair.
  • Frizzy hair: The best thing you can do for a client with frizzy hair is to cut it regularly. By taking at least a few inches off of your client’s length, you will be able to better control the overall frizziness.
  • Thick hair: If you have a client with locks that are too thick, thinning shears are what you need. This tool can take up to half of the weight of the hair off of the client’s head, while still preserving the length if they don’t want to shorten their hair.

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