How to save time when grooming a dog

When it comes to running a dog grooming business, you will need to focus on your efficiency as much as the quality of the jobs that you do. You certainly want to make sure that the clients that come to you leave happy and want to return, but that is an aspect of the job that will need to be balanced by getting to as many clients as possible on a given day. As long as you maintain your focus, you will face no problems in making sure you do as much work as possible.

Here are a few tips to help you save time while grooming:

  • Care for your supplies: You will need to make sure that you keep your dog grooming shears in the best shape possible each day. If you have scissors that are dull or shears that are filled with fur, you will have to waste time during an appointment cleaning them out. Take advantage of any down time between clients to maintain the tools.
  • Don’t overbook yourself: If you know that you can only get through a certain number of dogs each day, you shouldn’t try and push yourself by scheduling more than that. This will make you rush through everything and you will end up creating subpar work.
  • Have the right tools: One of the most important aspects of your job will be making sure that you have the shears and scissors that you need readily available to you. As long as you are well-equipped, you will be able to do the best job as efficiently as possible.

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