What to know about handle thumb treatments

When you are choosing which hair shears you are going to use in your salon, there are many different aspects that you will have to decide on. The length of the blade, the kind of tension system and the handle are all key aspects in having the perfect tools that will allow you to create great work efficiently.

The beauty shears that you use need to be both comfortable and functional. Because you use your hands all day you want to make sure that there is no more strain than necessary put on them. That is why having the right handle thumb treatments is so important.

Here are a few common options:

  • Cut away thumb: This style of thumb grip has an indentation cut out in the back of the ring. This allows the sides of the thumb to be used to open the shear, which allows the stylist the option of lowering their elbow when cutting the length of the hair.
  • Rotating thumb: When the rotating thumb handle is used properly, it allows the entire length of hair to be cut while the elbow is kept low. The open grip also keeps the hand relaxed, which reduces the chance of a repetitive stress injury.
  • Standard flat thumb: The standard flat thumb handle is ideal for those who are left-handed, because it can be switched and used by both dominant hands easily.

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