What type of blade is right for you?

A hugely important part of your job as a hair stylist will be finding the rights tools for you to use in your salon. You want to make sure that you have hair shears that are comfortable for you to work with, and will provide the best and most efficient results possible for your clients.

When picking out new tools, you need to be aware of every part of the shear itself. A crucial piece of the puzzle will be the blade, as different kinds of blades offer their own unique advantages. A hair shear’s blade will have a direct effect on its performance and cutting ability.

Here are a few blades to consider:

  • Beveled edged blades: This design is one of the oldest and most commonly used in hair shear production. This type of blade cuts very well, but does require a little more force than others out there. It is the least expensive option of all the blade types.
  • Convex edged blades: The convex edged blade is very powerful and facilitates cutting that is both smooth and sharp. The outer face of the blade is curved, so this shear is especially useful for side cutting and other more advanced techniques.
  • Serrated beveled edges: This type of blade has fine lines or grooves cut into the surface of the beveled edge. This allows the blade to hold onto the hair and prevent it from slipping on the edge of the shear.

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