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Professional Cutting Shears

SENSEI professional cutting shears are the ideal choice for barbers everywhere. They have advanced features to make them last longer, like Cryogenic Tempering and Polymer Pivot inlays. They provide consistent high-level performance and can stand up to the rigorous barbershop pace. The ergonomic designs of both our Crane and SWIVEL handles take stress off your hand, wrist, neck, and shoulders. Our Seamless Blender™ and PointCut Texture™ and DrySlide™ professional cutting shears will raise your game and save you time. Our blenders leave no cutting lines, and you can close and comb out without pulling your guests’ hair. Our texture shears create point cut type texture is seconds. Our slide cutting shears are perfect for the last-minute finishing every cut needs. Our Dry Evolution shear is a barber favorite because it cuts so precisely in dry hair, so it speeds up scissor over comb work.

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