David Kinigson Trio Set Fusion Swivel Deluxe ToughBlade Toolkit

David Kinigson Trio Set Fusion Swivel Deluxe ToughBlade Toolkit


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David Kinigson 3 Shear Toolkit
1. The David Kinigson Cutting Shears are for every stylist or barber. The blade technology includes the  advantage of our new SoftCut geometry and finish. It gives you maximum power cutting precise lines while also offering a soft point cutting technique finish on the ends. Available in three blade lengths based on preference.
2. The David Kinigson toolkit also features the Seamless Blending Shear will take your thinning and blending game to a whole new level. This is the perfect finishing tool for any haircut to look and grow in flawlessly.
3. The David Kinigson Slide Cut Shear is for any stylist who uses slide cutting and point sliding techniques regularly. It gives you way more control over sliding techniques and it avoids the issue of damaging the cuticle of the hair.
 Note: The SLIDE CUTTING shear is not designed to cut straight precision lines, it will push hair out the tips when used in that way.
  • These shears have an extended 3 year edge warranty because of the Cobalt/Molybdenum/Vanadium steel it is made from.
  • Ultra Wide Polymer Lined Pivots will eliminate metal to metal contact making your shears stay sharper longer.   
  • It also features a Zero Gravity Ball Bearing Leaf Spring Tension System.
 This Toolkit comes with FREE case and SIGNED COPY of the HAIRCUTTERS HANDBOOK! ($50 VALUE)

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