• Quick Cut™ Open 22 Tooth Seamless Shear
  • Quick Cut™ Open 22 Tooth Seamless Shear

Quick Cut™ Open 22 Tooth Seamless Shear

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Make every cut look like it just grew into the shape with our Quick Cut™ Open 22 Tooth Seamless Shear. This Neutral Grip ergonomic design, put’s your hand in it’s natural resting postion while cutting. It reduces thumb travel by as much as 80% which means faster scissoring and less strain on your thumb. The wide contact thumb ring cradles your thumb with increased surface area. It spreads the pressure out to reduce stress on the thumb. These have a dual position finger rest for maximum comfort and control. This Deluxe OPEN shear features a Ball Bearing Leaf Spring Tension system that stabilizes the blades making them stay sharp longer. Polymer glides in the pivot eliminate metal to metal wear, keeping your shear feeling like new for life.

model: SOD7522


MATERIAL: Molybdenum Alloy

HANDLE: Open Crane Grip

TENSION: Ball bering Leaf Spring

FINGER REST: Removable

LENGTHS: 7.5 Inches

THUMB: Fixed Thumb



Cryogenically Tempered

Convex Edge

Cyro Tempering

Cryogenically Tempered Blades

Anatomic Thumb

Allows a wide range of thumb movement

Additional coil spring stabilizes blades through a wider range of tension adjustment. (Patent pending)

Convex Edge

Smooth Cutting Long Lasting

Japanese Steel

SImply the best steel in the world

Molybdenum Alloy

This Proprietary Blend is Japan’s Finest

Polymer Glide

Eliminates metal to metal wear

Neutral Grip

Starts From a Resting Position, Reduces Thumb Travel 80%

Use With or Without Rest

Use in Standard or Neutral Position

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