The Mark Wright 5 Shear Toolkit
The Mark Wright 5 Shear Toolkit
The Mark Wright 5 Shear Toolkit

The Mark Wright 5 Shear Toolkit

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Sensei's President & Chief Designer Mark Wright Presents His Toolkit For Sucess!

The best and most thought out combination of tools to make you the most efficient stylist you can be. This toolkit includes:
1. The Dry Evolution 7 inch (Fixed or Rotating)
2. The Toughblade 5.75 inch (Rotating) OR Toughblade 5.5 inch (Fixed)
3. The Toughblade 23 Tooth Seamless Blender (Fixed or Rotating)
4. The Toughblade 14 Tooth PointCut Texture (Fixed or Rotating)
5. The Toughblade Slide Cut (Fixed or Rotating)
This Toolkit comes with a FREE 5 Shear Holster!

As President & Chief Designer of Sensei Shears, I am excited to present the five Sensei innovations below. I know this combination will make you the best most efficient stylist you can be. Each one is nothing short of revolutionary. This is a dream set where each tool is the best of its type in the world. These shears have the best version of the best specialty shears ever made. Whether you prefer a fixed thumb or rotating thumb you will be happy you made the upgrade and have every shear you could possibly need to create any look flawlessly.

1. The Dry Evolution 7 inch has an innovative blade design and makes it perfect for all precision cutting needs. Clean bob lines, quick shear over comb techniques and many more.

2. The Toughblade 5.75 inch or 5.5 inch shear has a new SoftCut blade geometry that makes this shear a dream to work with. Effortless soft smooth cutting and beautiful finishes for point cutting techniques. Like the Dry Evolution above its Cobalt / Molybdenum / Vanadium alloy blades have a THREE YEAR EDGE LIFE between sharpenings.

3. The ToughBlade 23 Tooth Seamless Blender. The finest blender ever made. The best steel, the best tension system with bearings, the entire pivot lined with polymer, and Sensei innovative seamless blades that leave no cutting marks and leave each hair cut to a different length. 

4. The ToughBlade 14 Tooth PointCut Texture Shear. This is the OG time saving innovation from Sensei that saves the most time and effort. It creates the look of the best point cutting a stylist can do by cutting once across a section instead of many times into the ends with the points of shears. 

5.  The ToughBlade Slide Cut Shear. The finest slide cutting shear in the industry. If you are an artist this is the tool to achieve your vision with. Finish every cut dry by sculpting the final details with this technically marvelous shear. 

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